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The "Cancer Club" connected me to my inspiration , Penny Hill.

Penny was a courageous friend, mother, preacher, wife, and daughter who accomplished so much in her life and inspired many. She also loved to have a good time and loved dancing more than anything. She unfortunately was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung cancer before she turned 60. She taught me that HOPE is our four letter word. But she also taught me this lesson on Sharing Love. As cancer stripped and crippled her from doing the things she loved most,  it became very clear to her that there was one thing she could continue to do from her hospital bed throughout her final days. 

She could SHARE LOVE.

It became clear to me through her realization , that love is all we need. That when stripped of all we have to our most vulnerable state, love still exist. Through her vision , I see that love is all we need. 


I continue to find Pennys along this journey that remind me she is with us.